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Bad Students, Not Bad Schools is an Emperor.s new clothes book.it openly speaks the unspeakable: America.s education woes are caused by intellectually mediocre, unmotivated students, not .bad schools,. rotten teachers, faculty curriculum, lack of sufficient funding and similar alleged culprits. Alter the student population and push students harder, even if this means lowering their self-esteem and America.s schools will thrive. If mischief-makers refuse to learn, let them drop out! Politicians and professional educators avoid this awkward reality and prefer instead to squander billions while lurching from one guaranteed-to-fail gimmick after the next.

What others are saying about Bad Students, Not Bad Schools

.In Bad Students, Not Bad Schools, Robert Weissberg tells it like it is. This brilliant and brave book dares to challenge the nostrums of the right and left as it presents irrefutable evidence that the numerous politically-correct responses to our failure to educate our young are doomed to fail. Reading this book is a transformative experience. It should change our way of looking at our children, our schools and our country..

Rita Kramer, author of Ed School Follies: The Miseducation of America.s Teachers


.In this fine debunking book, Bob Weissberg hacks his way across the landscape of current American education like a marauding army, trashing bogus theories, exposing the futility of pointless .reforms,. showing no mercy to the charlatans, rent seeker, and fools who promise academic excellence for all. He even dares to argue that our educational failings are not of supply, but of demand, and are therefore not failing at all in any moral sense, just expressions of human liberty..

John Derbyshire, author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism